Diabetes Diet Plan — What Is Best for Type 1 Diabetes?

Learn this ancient Diabetes Miracle!

Diabetes diet plan for type 1 diabetes is a very important topic. There is a lot of confusion and many differing opinions. In this video Dr. Cyrus Khambatta reviews 7 case studies from the most recent Mastering Diabetes Retreat. These case studies help illustrate why a low-fat, plant-based, whole-food diet is the best diabetes diet plan for those living with type 1 diabetes.

Click here to see the article: https://www.masteringdiabetes.org/insulin-sensitivity-101-retreat-results/

Lots of people think the best diabetes diet plan is one that is low-carb and limits fruit intake. We love to share how and why we/our clients can eat loads of fruit and have exceptional levels of insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control. Click the link below to watch a 1-hour presentation at the Torrance medial central which explains our approach in detail.

Diabetes Diet Plan — What Is Best for Type 1 Diabetes?



  • matt davis

    Any reason why this guys face is yellow

    • Mastering Diabetes

      Hey Nelly, thanks for your concern about my liver. The color of my face is yellow because of the coloring from our video camera.

    • matt davis

      haha, well I agree once more with that statement although I think we should bare in mind that yellow colouration of the skin particularly around the stomach and neck is a clear indication of the liver effectively going through deep detoxification and that this may in fact be positive if one is cleansing or changing their diet to be more healthy and more raw but like you said, it does have clear negative implications because intense yellow colouration can indicate a failing liver and also alcohol poisoning….

    • Nelly Coerts

      matt davis I agree that eating fruit and vegetables is important but your observation about his yellow skincolour was right.
      Hope that this guy realizes that he has liver problems!

    • matt davis

      upon reflection I feel that I was being insensitive, I’m a raw vegan living of 80% fruit and the rest I made from fresh leaves/vegetable juice. I fully advocate fresh fruit and think the information shared here is very important and profoundly interesting.

    • Nelly Coerts

      matt davis it is probably his liver

  • Nanou Cendril

    is someone can tell me why he don’t have hairs on is face?
    I don’t want to be mean … it’s just that … I mean it’s so unusual…

    back to the video well it’s doesn’t works for me. too much fruits and starches equals gain weight and been so hungry… guess everybody is different

  • Russell Hopkins

    I am interestied this is interested stuff, i have just come on this video automatically after wahthing a video about low “carb” for type 1s and this one is saying the opposite lol, which one, i cannot make up my mind…

  • Vegetto Blue

    Lit ✨ , this is really usefull

  • Zee Hay

    Hello and thank you for this information. What would be more useful would be to see the blood glucose readings throughout the day on your eating plan. Looking at insulin sensitivity is good but pointless if you are not able to keep bloods in range for most of the day. What do the post prandial blood sugars look like? How high does the bg spike after meals? Can you maintain ‘normal’ levels and for how long during the day eating huge amount of carbs? Much more information is needed and this is really not even half of the picture? Best regards from a parent with t1 child in Scotland.

    • Mastering Diabetes

      Thanks for your comment. You are correct that blood glucose values would add more information. In the article that accompanies this video located here (https://www.masteringdiabetes.org/insulin-sensitivity-101-retreat-results/) we mention that our attendees BG was kept in the normal range between 70-130 mg/dL for most of the readings. We specifically chose not to include BG values because the video and article became too complicated (too many numbers), and we didn’t want to confuse people. But your feedback is much appreciated.

  • Jessica Morris

    How would you explain the benefits of eating high amounts of fructose and barely any healthy fats or protein? Would this way of eating be beneficial for someone looking to build or maintain muscle mass?

  • Joseph Westerberg

    commit to the program and reep the benefits of rapid amazing results!!!! going to the June 2016 mastering diabetes retreat was such a blessing… thank Robby n Cy, keep up the good work ?

  • Luka Kitchen

    I loved this video! I’m not diabetic. But I do have high blood sugar. It is different then some people but my high and low are both high. I changed to a vegan diet two years ago and I have not had really any sugar drops at all in those two years. I’m testing out a raw till 4 diet this week and its day 5. I love how i’m feeling and its really a great feeling that I don’t have head aches. But changing my night diet is really hard. I still eat out and eating I’m still eating wheat at times. I’m trying to cut out soy, wheat and junk food! I’m going share this video with some of my family members and friends. Some of them are not healthy and i want them to see what healthy food can do just in a week. Don’t fry just say good bye to the foods that make your heart hurt!

    Plus cyrus do you have a snapchat?

  • Brian Wilson

    This is such a great experience you’re sharing. Thank you.

    I don’t think you’re being deliberately dishonest with the math, but you’re doing the percent increase wrong. Going from 5.6 to 6.2 isn’t a 111% increase, it’s an 11% increase, same way if your salary goes from $100,000 to $110,000 that’s a 10% increase not a 110% increase.

    The actual math is right (6.2/5.6 does equal 1.11) but you’re saying that’s the change and that’s not the case with what you’re presenting. And that seems to be the case with all of your change in insulin sensitivity percentages.

    Don’t get me wrong, I know what you guys do work, my girlfriend has experienced this eating raw. But the math and presentation need to be right. Thanks!

  • Susanelizabeth Turner

    Love this so much. Beautiful word picture of how the LFHC- whole food plan works!

  • Health Glows

    Congrats! U guys RAWK!

  • Health Natural

    Good video #MzhTIIt5AIA

  • MRGB 86

    I have type two diabetes just started watching your videos had a question when eating a salad what dressing would you recommend or what type ?

  • danpt2000

    how would you measure insulin sensitivity if you never injected insulin? ive taken metformin, but lately have stopped, and tryed low carb high unsaturated fat diet plus exercise. my last A1C was still at 7.5, kind of high

    • Mastering Diabetes

      It’s hard to measure insulin sensitivity if you don’t inject insulin. The best approach would be to perform an oral glucose tolerance test at home and use that to measure how your post-meal glucose values are changing over time. Eat 2 bananas, measure your BG at 0 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes and 180 minutes and compare that over time.

    • Mastering Diabetes

      The best way to measure would be an oral glucose tolerance test. If you are living with type 2 diabetes and your a1c is 7.5, then you really need to focus on reversing insulin resistance. You can learn how to do that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KWAgKR9JBE

  • Flor Encinas

    I wish all of this information was in spanish so I can send this video to my family in Mexico

  • David Forgetso

    Yes thank you for replying, I am trying to master this technique you all are describing, my nutrition is completely low fat plant based whole food as described, my carbs are everything from fruits to potatoes, and carb heavy vegies, I have seen dramatic weight loss in the week that I have been applying this technique to my life, 5 pounds down, however my daily energy is so far off it concerns me, I have set a doctors appointment to get a base line on my numbers and blood work to detect possible low t, at 47 I am in that range. I would love to communicate directly with you, however I do understand that might not be possible, I firmly believe in this approach and will continue to try to perfect it. Thanks again for any assistance!

  • Regina Willis

    Hi – is telling diet plan the same for insulin resistance? When you don’t inject insulin? How also, can I determine my insulin usage?

  • Nicolas

    So cool!!!! But too many examples….. loving ur work guys!

    • Mastering Diabetes

      Thanks for checking out the video and we appreciate your feedback! Maybe just 3 examples next time, lol.
      —Robby Barbaro

  • David Forgetso

    As a pre diabetic I am very scared of hurting myself with the extra carbs, around 450 grams, I am completely drained of energy and can’t eat enough to keep my energy up. Any thoughts?