Eating rice, corn, oats … good for blood sugar?

Learn this ancient Diabetes Miracle!

See what happens when a type 1 diabetic eats fruit for breakfast, rice, corn & beans for lunch and oats for dinner.
Chris has a YouTube channel here:
Dr. Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes

The 80/10/10 Diet

The 30 Day Diabetes Miracle

Healing Diabetes with Fruit:

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  • SophieKalopii

    do you use an insulin pump or manual shots?

  • Russell Hopkins

    I would assume that most of the insulin sensitivity is triggered by the herbs and spices that you high carber vegans are using..
    I think some of the fact that bg levels are lower on this diet plan might not even be due to insulin sensitivity. Im interested to see if all the people doing this are looking to see what your livers are showing on your blood check record, im just curious, because i have heard that in some studies “cinnamon consumption” lowers blood glucose by doing something to the liver rather then ramping up your bodys insulin sensitivity, so i personally would go easy on cinnamon for now just in case it is damaging to the liver, but im torn between this diet plan or the opposite low carb plan which seems to show good results too, especially for a good hba1c range with less spikes etc,

    • Russell Hopkins

      Well i dont know what to think, i can see that this diet works for you very well and many others, it is ovously a very healthy diet, its just that the very opposite diet “low carb” only vegetables and certain fat and protein foods work well too, there is a T1D cyclist on youtube who only does one basal interjection a day who is on next to no carbs and literally has no spikes in his bg and hba1c, im not saying one is better than the other i just think its all very interesting what we are finding out and i do know that cinnamon lowers bg but i dont think anyone actually knows why yet do they?

    • Mastering Diabetes

      Russell, the insulin sensitizing effect of this way of eating does NOT come from herbs or spices. It comes from foods that are very low in fat, grown either in the ground or on trees, and high in fiber.

      Herbs and spices can help in certain cases, but overall eating lowfat, plant-based, whole-foods is the MOST powerful method of increasing insulin sensitivity. Period.

  • Susan Wheeler

    Link to his Page?

  • Natabulous

    Is HCLF food diet for type 2 diabetes? My dad has had it for several years and just recently started to eat healthier, more fruit, oatmeal, no meat, dairy but says that he often feels faint, and it usually goes away if he eats is that normal?

    • jennifer sullivan


    • Lemonz1989

      +Natabulous I’m sorry to hear that. Diabetes is a very serious condition and diet/treatment shouldn’t be taken lightly. Diabetes is much more deadly than treated HIV. We can expect to live 10 to 20 years less than the life expectancy in an average Western country.
      One should never rely on the medication to “even things out”, as you said. It’s there to treat the imbalance, and not to keep the balance; that is up to the person having the disease. Diabetics have a really high mortality rate compared to a healthy population, and have, on average, many more years of disability before death than do non-diabetics.

    • Natabulous

      +Lemonz1989 All his doctor wants to do is give him medications. Which yes are working, but they are not good for his liver and he continues to eat unhealthy because his mindset it ‘the medications will even it out” I’ve gotten him to eat a bit more healthy but he has a hard time believing that a plant based diet is the best solution. He grew up on a farm where you can get fresh (unaltered, not processed) milk and the meat came from a friend butcher and we were all in very good heath where we grew up on that farm. But now a days you think you are getting the same thing from the supermarket but its not the same and he tends to forget that. But overall the issue right now is he will eat cookies and cured meat and I think in his mind he just thinks that the medication will even it all out. Even though things have gotten slightly worse now, his liver is not in the best condition from eating fatty thing (he does not drink). But also his doctor just gives him meds and when I got him to eat better for a while he got off one of the meds completely, like 6 more to go tho

    • Manuel PerAlda

      Rеveersе Diaaааbetеs with а “Panсrеas Jumрstart” Еаting rice coооrn оаts good fооoоr blood sugаr

    • Manjunath Reddy

      Gouty arthritisLemonz1989

  • Susanelizabeth Turner

    Loved it. Robbie can you break these numbers down for people like us in the US?Re: converting his blood sugar measurements. Thx!

  • nadav182

    hey Robby,
    What does it mean to be insulin sensitive and why is that good?
    i’m a week in with this diabetes type 1 condition.

    • Lemonz1989

      +nadav182 Yes, that is exactly right. 🙂

    • nadav182

      so the same amount of units can effect differently on how much glucose it lowers?
      thanks for the answer

    • Lemonz1989

      Insulin sensitivity means how well your body responds to insulin. The more sensitive you are the easier it’s to control your blood sugar because your body is faster at responding to your injected insulin. 🙂

  • Sandy Ⓥ

    Chris is awesome – love his youtube channel 🙂

  • Laura D

    I’ve been diabetic since i’m 3 years old, so 12 years from now, and vegan since 1 year. Going vegan helped me a lot with my blood sugar results, etc.. but I’m still searching for a diet that will help me even more, and i found your channel through Raw in College. The raw diet interests me a lot, but i don’t know where to find eating plans to begin this lifestyle,and also tips on how to manage diabetes on this lifestyle … Could you help me find some good ressources and tips to begin ? Thank you 🙂

  • EricaOnToast

    That Chris guy is really smart, and handsome too!

  • Jason Simpson

    I’m on a low carb vegan diet atm and it’s pretty restrctive considering the options are slim, but I’m doing it more to prove point to my doctor who believes low carb is the solution to diabetes. My numbers bounce between 120 and 180, but I have to seriously increase my insulin to get it to drop at all. I’m a pretty serious T2, though and might actually be both, seeing as how my dad’s side of the family are all T1(well, half of them are diabetic, but of them, they are all T1) and at 13 I was so heavy I became T2, so it’s very likely that I’m an insulin resistant T1. Fruitarian was working well for me, but I got hypos. Low carb isn’t that bad, but even at 90-100g protein, I still get up to 180 and it just won’t seem to drop. I think I’ll have to readopt a fruitarian life, but add some fats, i.e., nuts/seeds/avocado. No coconut oil, though as mct’s try to take priority for fuel and my body refuses to use glucose, making my sugars higher, longer.

    • Jason Simpson

      +High Carb Diabetic Ⓥ
      Maybe. I talked to my doctor and it came up that I have not seen an endocrinologist in my 24 years as a diabetic, so there’s debate about my being able to reverse it. My dad and most of my aunts/uncles and grandfather were type 1, but because I was fat, my dr. threw atype 2 diagnosis at me and called it good.

    • High Carb Diabetic Ⓥ

      +Jason Simpson Well done mate. Keep your fat as low as possible. Get on as well. I have a new video called How to reverse type 2 diabetes in 5 easy steps you may find useful 

    • Jason Simpson

      Alright, I stayed with the low carb per my doctor’s request for a couple extra weeks and no matter what my blood sugar is in the evening, I wake up around 140 fasted. This isn’t going to do. It’s time to do things my way.
      Blackberries and watermelon season is coming up fast and I’m going to love it.

    • Mastering Diabetes

      +Jason Simpson I agree with what Chris said, give it a 100% shot.

    • High Carb Diabetic Ⓥ

      +Jason Simpson I think if you follow my advice to the letter above 100% you’ll get to 1:20 within a couple of weeks mate

  • Bea Weston

    You look a little like eddie redmayne! Thanks for sharing this video 🙂

  • mydaughtermyworld

    Amazing. Love this

  • T Will

    Thanks for this video Robby. I am trying to transition my son to a plant based diet and it helps tremendously to have him see and hear how other type 1 diabetics are doing eating this way consistently.

  • lulolancey

    Here’s a study of 11 types of rice. The best rice for diabetics is Basmati white rice.

  • El-Ad Cohen

    Solid interview man. I have a friend who is Type 1 Diabetic, I’d like some literature to point him to. Could you give me some recommendations?

    • El-Ad Cohen

      I’ll shoot it his way. Thank you.

    • Mastering Diabetes

      +El-Ad Cohen There will be more videos about research articles coming soon. But really, all your friend has to do is try it for 3 days. Eat no overt fat and eat just like I do in my videos. Or eat just clean starches. No added fat is the key. Once he sees his numbers plummet, he won’t be so concerned about reading more research.

    • El-Ad Cohen

      +El-Ad Cohen Meaning medical, stuff. Peer reviewed. I’m already a vegan, I’m trying to convince him to eat more carbs basically.

  • Fruitinessa

    Thank you Robby! Keep posting 😉 x

  • Cyrus Khambatta

    Excellent work Robby, this is exactly what more people with type 1 diabetes need to know. Eating a starch-based diet works like a charm

  • jessi dubi

    Im 17, from california and I’ve been living with type 1 since i was 5. Ive always wanted to go vegan and keep trying very hard but i also struggle with binge eating… my numbers on average are around 400 and all i want to do is get my numbers under control. I wish i could be vegan and take care of my numbers as well as you guys :/

    • High Carb Diabetic Ⓥ

      +jessi dubi If you live near Santa Rosa you could visit Dr John McDougall who is one of the best doctors in the country. Dr Barnard who Robby recommends is very good as well, probably the world’s foremost expert in treating diabetes. Feel free to ask me any questions you want. Listen to whatever advice Robby gives you and you’ll do great. All the best Jessi 🙂

    • Mastering Diabetes

      +jessi dubs What part of cali do you live in? I suggest seeing a professional regarding the binge eating, but a healthy diet can absolutely have a big impact on that. Have you read Dr. Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes? It has a chapter for type 1 diabetics and explains the science behind this approach. Feel free to email me if you don’t want to share publicly.

  • Disco Nouvo

    I found his channel but a link to it in the description would good [and good etiquette for a collab]
    thanks for shouting him out.

  • Blake Chasteen

    Amazing work! Thank you thank you! Life saving stuff!