Fruit For Diabetes — Is It Actually Safe to Eat?

Learn this ancient Diabetes Miracle!

Fruit for diabetes is very polarizing topic. There are many people who say that people living with diabetes should not eat any fruit at all! Then you have people like us saying that fruit is actually the best food for people living with diabetes! In this video Dr. Khambatta reviews some peer reviewed evidence that supports the consumption of fruit and high carbohydrate foods in general.



  • Memememe

    I did a fruitarian diet and my Insulin was at 2.5 and my glucose was steady at 80. I never felt a crash and always had loads of energy.

    • Memememe

      Yes! Some days I would do all Fruit but most of the time I would do a giant salad in the evening. I feel like you’re really depriving your body if you don’t get your greens in. But most fruitarians are all about 100% fruit.

    • Mastering Diabetes

      Glad to hear about these excellent numbers. I hope you were also eating greens!
      —Robby Barbaro

  • tattooed vegan

    Excellent!!! 🙂 🙂 BRAVO!! SPRITE FTW! lol

  • Daniela Botero Concha

    fruit is the most perfect food 🙂

  • Vlad Coste

    very good job Cyrus!

  • Jacob Rosenberg

    I was listening to a Food Revolution Network Summit speaker and she mentioned that lack of sleep causes insulin resistance. Have you, Robby or Cyrus seen any material about this and know how accurate it could be? If so, is there a way to know if a person is in that threshold assuming they are on a low-fat plant based diet or not? I have never heard anything like that Before and wanted your take, Thanks

  • Vegetto Blue

    Really usefull , those information are gold ?
    My personal thoughts about a diet will be like 92 % plants ( including grains like rise , millet … ) 8 % fruits , no matter somebody has diabetes or not . I completely agree , that if you don’t eat animal staff and exaggerated amount of fats from plants , people with diabetes can handle it , but i think that the amounts you can eat must be limited even if your body can handle it or not . In my opinion even in the plants world there are limits , which in the most of cases are quite impossible to eat ? . Fruit , in my opinion , must be taken only 1 type X meal and Non more than 3 times for day ( total of 300 grams for day ~ ) …
    I think that a diet should be based around greens not fruit , most of the food eaten should be vegetables for people that have any type of issues or not . Don t forget that fruit need to be eaten when your stomach is empty like at lest 30 min after a meal or 4 hours after … I m writing this beacause you asked to share the personal thoughts , and i reapeat this is just my opinion … I m pretty sure that carbohydrates are not the problem for diabetes , for those who don t believe , you guys are the proof , really thank you ? for all the stuff you are doing and for the help that you giving ??? you are amazing !

  • Odette J

    It would be really helpful if you could do a video on the ideal amount of fat to consume that is based on sound science like this video! How much fat is too much fat? (By fat I mean 100% whole food sources)

    • Odette J

      Thank you very much for the response! I look forward to more content on the subject matter and will focus on staying below 15% 🙂

    • Mastering Diabetes

      We will certainly be covering this in more detail. When working with clients we make specific recommendations for each person based on where they are starting, their health history and what long term goals they have set for themselves. In general, 15% of calories from fat is the highest we would recommend.
      —Robby Barbaro

  • Charles Jacques

    Fantastic- always suspected this fruit- restricted fat combo benefit but nice to see the data! Well done.

  • David Lindberg

    I’m really glad I found you guys. I had always thought a low carb, high fat diet was best to control my type 1 diabetes. I first transitioned from the SAD to a paleo diet, and did see really great improvements, primarily because it was more of a whole foods diet (in terms of the plants I was eating). Over time I gradually ate less meat until last month I decided to go full vegan. But where do I get my calories? Carbs! I’ve found it much easier to manage my blood sugars with a high carb, low fat, plant based diet.

  • Clare Hogwood

    I was diagnosed 1 year ago with type 1 diabetes and transitioned to veganism 5 weeks ago (after being vegetarian for 3 weeks). My insulin sensitivity increased dramatically with my Lantus dose dropping from 10u to 8u per day and my Novorapid ratio changing from 1u:15g carbs to 1u:30g carbs. Discovering this channel has explained why this change has happened and is helping me understand that I can eat differently to how society teaches us we should. Fruit can be a meal in itself. Thank you for inspiring me 🙂

  • Lindsay Garcia

    I LOVE FRUIT> > > Thank you guys for changing my life!

  • Tracy Guerrero

    My type 1 16 year old daughter really needs some individual help/coaching on this plan. Is this available from “mastering diabetes”? I am pretty desperate for help to get her away from the medical model of nonsense and protein based diet they keep shoving at us!

  • Rawveganse

    How many percent fat without problems do you think is ok if you eat a high carb diet? And fat, I mean nuts, seeds, Avocado and oliveoil.

    • Mastering Diabetes

      That is a good question. It depends on the person and their particular goals. In general, 15% of calories from fat is the maximum we recommend.
      —Robby Barbaro

  • TheSaltyMutantEats

    LOVE this! I’m type 1 and my dads type 2. He just started doing shots once a day but I want him off it. He doesn’t need it if he eats right.

    • Mastering Diabetes

      You are exactly right, he will not need the insulin when he starts eating right. I hope you two do it together!!!
      —Robby Barbaro

  • Stephie Michelle R.

    When I first went vegan I was eating a lot of fruit and fresh veggies. I only started gaining weight when I started eating processed vegan food. I’m not diabetic though.

  • Anna Parga

    What an eye opener this is, your videos have helped me so much, I thank you ❤️, and look forward to the next, I have shared your insights with family members as well, God bless you.

    • Mastering Diabetes

      Glad you enjoyed the video and we really appreciate you sharing this information with family members!
      —Robby Barbaro

  • abaneyone

    I’m really shocked! You say everything completely opposite of what I’ve been taught!

  • Elizabeth Bolton

    I have wached your vedios and I’m so confused . I resantly went to the Dr to see why I keep gaining weight n I don’t ever really eat. I’m always lazy n never want to do anything and I’m very emotional. So I was tested he gave me phintiramine and sent me to a dietitian specialist he told me I was type.2 diabetic and prescribed me metroforman also vitamin B12 shots vitamin C and vitamin D.. first week didn’t want me to eat after 7 I’m still in the process of that week because I just started but after he told me that I could have heart disease as I got older I’m only 27 and I started at 450 plus pounds as I started the phintiramine I’m now down to 433 pounds it’s going to take awhile to get this off because it took awhile to get it on but my concern is I want to try to figure out how to get my insulin level down so that brings me to your video and my question is things that you’re saying about fruits and vegetables are fine for me but I don’t understand clearly about the meats so do you basically go vegetarian not knowing any correct information truly I’m scared to not do what the doctor tells me to do so I feel like I need to do what he tells me because he’s a doctor but then I watch your video and a lot of the things you say makes sense I’m just not sure on what to do about me personally I’m not sure if you could help and I’m not sure what to really do I just know I need to lose weight and I want to eat right so that I don’t get these diseases and I don’t die at an early age just because of a bad lifestyle I’ve lived for 27 years

  • Mario Chang

    Amazing information….I tried it and it work…

    • Mastering Diabetes

      Brilliant Mario! Thanks for the comment. Let’s keep your progress going strong, your hard work in our coaching program is already paying off. -Cyrus Khambatta, PhD

  • Sonja V

    excellent video. I’ve tried to share this info with my diabetic family members, but they’re carb-phobic (which is strange because they do eat processed carbs). I try to influence them to eat more beans, whole grains, greens & fruit, but they always talk about how carbs (particularly fruits) raise their blood sugar. They eat a lot of animal products too.

    • Mastering Diabetes

      Great to hear that you are sharing this information. People really need to want it themselves. It has to come from within, but you are planting the seed for that possibility! The best thing we can do is be a shinning example of health and hope that inspires our loved ones.
      —Robby Barbaro