How Bibi Reversed Type 2 Diabetes with a Fruit-Based Diet

Learn this ancient Diabetes Miracle!

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In today’s video Bibi Zambrano shares her journey of reversing type 2 diabetes with a fruit-based diet.

2004-2012 Bibi was taking Metformin to treat diabetes. After 2 months of working with FullyRaw Kristina, she reversed her diabetes. (

Resources mentioned:
Forks Over Knives:
Dr. Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes:
The 80/1010 Diet:
Healing Diabetes with Fruit:

Year by Year Breakdown:
2004 – Bibi starts taking Metformin. She was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes while she was pregnant with her first daughter.
2005 – Still taking Metformin and diagnosed with Insulin Resistance.
2006 – Still taking Metformin. 2nd Pregnancy – diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes again.
2007 – Still taking Metformin.
2008-2011 – Still taking Metformin. Got diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic.
2011 – Still taking Metformin. Watches Forks Over Knives, reads Dr. Barnard's Book and starts making changes.
2012 – Officially diabetes free. Taking no drugs whatsoever.
2014 – Feeling amazing. No drugs!




  • Scorpeva

    I started the high fruit low fat diet two weeks ago but I noticed definite ‘sugarrushes’ and crashes, after checking my bloodsugar I can say its hyper/hypoglycemia. And I don’t even eat that much fruit. Is it possible that after two weeks of no fat there is stil fat inhibiting my insuline?

    • Mastering Diabetes

      My suggestion is to buy a blood glucose meter and start testing things out with objective numbers. OneTouch is a good brand of meter to buy. Use to objectively know how much fat you are eating.

    • Scorpeva

      Adding greens is a good idea, but if I don’t eat fat fruit shouldn’t have to cause a problem right? But maybe ‘smoothing things out’ with greens and starches is a good idea. Although many of the advocates say fruit has a low glycemic load, it hits me hard.

    • Scorpeva

      Mastering Diabetes Oh I’m sorry I’m not diabetic. Maybe prediabetic type 2.

    • Mastering Diabetes

      If you are living with type 1 diabetes, insulin timing is a big deal. I make sure that my blood glucose is 120 and going down before eating. To make the curve as flat as possible, it’s best to add some greens to a fruit meal.

  • Nancy Gallardo

    I need help please I am 13 weeks pregnant and I have diabetes and high risk I need to know how to eat good and what to eat please help

  • dexter bear

    Robby what’s your a1c ? and why do you choose injections over pump ?

  • Lee Lee

    Robby! I have been struggling with high insulin for a few years, recently I have come across the vegan high carbon, plant based like fees style.
    can this help my insulin resistance? all doctors, endocronolgists and even natropaths have told me I need to go low to no carbs and mostly protein. Minimal fruit :/ I really struggle staying on this. PLEASE HELP

  • Handlungsspielraum

    nice video allthough the audio goes a lot better in the next one for sure

  • Darker Moss

    I thought those sweet fruits were a no no. Interesting!

  • alnumlock

    is it reversed mean that got only good a1c or reversing insulin resistant?

  • grace martin

    my diabetic nutritionist said beans were too high in carbs and to eat tofu at every meal. ? yeah right

  • Whole Future


    • Christian de Bellefeuille

      Troll Alert!   But i bet the troll didn’t even knew that Type 3 Diabetes really exist because we always ear about type 1 and 2.   Type 3 Diabetes is linked to Alzeimer. So good luck trolling people

  • Blake Chasteen

    I’m on a mindful diabetic kick! Heh! Can’t get enough!

  • Cash4Fruit

    I am looking for information for a friend on reversing type 1 diabeties with this lifetyle, is it possible or can it be only managed? If so I’m interested in that too.

    • TheOther99%

      Diabetes type 1 is a condition one is born with. Basically, the pancreas is dormant. Unlike with type 2, it never has and never will produce insulin, so unfortunately reversal not possible.

  • Marlene Rodriguez

    great video,

  • Sharon P.

    When people say reversing diabetes and cured of diabetes does it mean diabetes is managed or you always have to becareful of sugar levels going high? I was alwas taught once your diabetic you will always be diabetic. I only ask as I have been watching this and other channel vlogs and have been deciding to make that leap to change in my life as I have been facing some complications of diabetes. Change has never come easy as it is scary for me.

    • Mastering Diabetes

      +Sharon P. You got this! I understand that change is hard, but once you see how great the food tastes and how good you feel, it becomes a heck of a lot easier! If you bang your head against the wall and get a headache, you can stop banging your head against the wall and cure the headache. If you eat foods that cause insulin resistance, certain people end up with type 2 diabetes. If you stop eating those foods, the disease goes away. You can use whatever words you want to describe it or think about it anyway you wish. But the bottom line is that you are in control of your health.

  • Arielle Dutton

    This was just the kind of video I needed today! I have a predisposition for type 2 diabetes (runs in my family) and people are always telling me I will get it if I keep eating so much fruit! I will definitely be sharing this with family/friends who doubt or show “concern” for a high fruit diet as everything you stated was accurate and the personal testimony was beautiful – congratulations Bibi! It astounds me how many people question a diet of raw veggies but have no regard for avid fast food consumers.

  • Marc nello

    I’m confused about getting started. One day, first thing in the morning, I ate 2 bananas and an hour later my blood sugar was 186, which is damage/danger. How can people eat all this sugar and be healthy?
    Id do it in a heartbeat if someone can tell me how I can do it while keeping my bs low

  • Jeepergirl

    very interesting! thank you for doing the videos

  • Gorilla Fit Prep

    I’m so glad she healed herself! Awesome vid!

  • Andrew H

    Wonder what her A1C and post meal glucose levels were before vs after diet?  Did she reverse (thus cure?) or is she simply better managing?  And who cares about fasting glucose, it should be checked but why is that the only test mentioned?  Feeling good is kinda the goal but it doesn’t mean your are cured, would be more compelling if they mentioned some real blood work.

  • Phillip Evans

    A fruit based diet leads to increase in triglycerides, which is not a healthy option.