How Bibi Reversed Type 2 Diabetes with a Fruit-Based Diet

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In today’s video Bibi Zambrano shares her journey of reversing type 2 diabetes with a fruit-based diet.

2004-2012 Bibi was taking Metformin to treat diabetes. After 2 months of working with FullyRaw Kristina, she reversed her diabetes. (

Resources mentioned:
Forks Over Knives:
Dr. Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes:
The 80/1010 Diet:
Healing Diabetes with Fruit:

Year by Year Breakdown:
2004 – Bibi starts taking Metformin. She was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes while she was pregnant with her first daughter.
2005 – Still taking Metformin and diagnosed with Insulin Resistance.
2006 – Still taking Metformin. 2nd Pregnancy – diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes again.
2007 – Still taking Metformin.
2008-2011 – Still taking Metformin. Got diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic.
2011 – Still taking Metformin. Watches Forks Over Knives, reads Dr. Barnard's Book and starts making changes.
2012 – Officially diabetes free. Taking no drugs whatsoever.
2014 – Feeling amazing. No drugs!