Preventing Complications Linked To Your Diabetes

If you have diabetes, you need to work on making some changes to your lifestyle so you can manage your condition and reduce your risks of developing complications. These tips will help you make some positive changes.

Keeping your blood sugar under control will reduce your risks of developing health issues linked to your diabetes. In order to keep your sugar level down, you will have to adopt a healthy diet, exercise regularly and check your blood sugar as often as you need to. If you are overweight, you need to focus on losing weight. Your blood sugar will not spike as much if you are in good shape.

Having a high sugar level means infections will spread quickly. Even a small cut or bruise could turn into an infection if you do not treat it immediately. You should protect your feet by wearing comfortable shoes or slippers. Inspect your feet regularly and keep your toenails clean. Cut your toenails regularly but be careful not to hurt yourself. Wash your feet regularly and dry them immediately after. Make sure you wear socks that do not cut the circulation in your feet.

Preventing Complications Linked To Your Diabetes

Having diabetes means you will be more likely to develop gum disease. You need to maintain an excellent oral hygiene and go to the dentist’s on a regular basis. You should brush your teeth after every meal and use floss too. Mouthwash is a good option if you can find a product designed for people with sensitive gums. Do not use any kind of teeth whitening products. If you are smoker, you need to quit right away in order to keep healthy gums and teeth.

Diabetes can increase your chances of developing glaucoma, cataract or other eye conditions. In extreme cases, you might even lose your eyesight. You should get your eyes checked regularly for signs of these conditions. Diabetes can also impact your hearing. Have your ears inspected when you go to the doctor’s and remember that the best thing you can do to prevent any sigh or hearing loss is to keep your sugar level down.

Do not let your diabetes make you feel bad about yourself, self-conscious or ashamed. If you are having a hard time dealing with your diabetes, you should consider going to counseling. Do not blame yourself for your diabetes. Even if you made bad decisions in your past, you should learn from your mistakes and focus on making positive changes. Focus on adopting a healthy lifestyle, getting in shape and keeping your blood sugar down. You will feel a lot better once you have your condition under control. If your diabetes is causing you to feel stressed, find people who can help you. You should not worry about developing complications as long as you do your best to manage your diabetes. Do not hesitate to let your doctor know about the negative emotions you are experiencing.

These tips will help you stay in control of your diabetes and avoid complications. Talk to your doctor about the possibility of developing these complications if you need help.